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Debian GNU/Linux

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon

Configuring Postfix for mail using Gmail as a relay server

I am using Radius Manager 3.9, Radius Authentication server for my users for hotspot & PPPoE since 2 year but there is no email functionality to email to users when they register or upgrade their plan,and expiry date of account. I also mailed to DMASOFTLAB regarding this. He replied that install a email server. . . . → Read More: Configuring Postfix for mail using Gmail as a relay server

The water car fraud . . .

I urge all Pakistani’s to read the following:



We are moving the blogs ….

We are in process of moving the blogs to other locations.

Social talk / Social topics have been moved to kamranazeem.blogspot.com . Technology blogs will move to blogs.wbitt.com (under construction).



WBITT.com is back online!

WBITT.com is back online. All the articles, CBTs, HowTos, etc, are now available over there.


We now have a YouTube channel!

(Finally,) We heard you!

We have setup a YouTube channel , and are in process of uploading all the CBTs over there. The channel is “KamranAtWBITT” , and this of-course is our official channel. We hope that by taking this step, all problems of downloads, codecs, etc, will be killed in single shot.

. . . → Read More: We now have a YouTube channel!

Major changes in WBITT and Techsnail coming soon . . .

We are going through another design change in both WBITT and Techsnail websites.  There are major changes coming up in next few months. Be ready!


Preparing for CEH exam ?

In March 2012, I got certified under CEH v7 certification. (EC1-350). It was indeed a tough exam. Since a lot of people are asking me on the guide lines for clearing this exam, I decided to put them down for you.

Study Material: Books:

I studied about four books directly related to CEH exam. These . . . → Read More: Preparing for CEH exam ?

CCNA CBT: 4-Application Layer part 3

In this CBT, I discussed about DHCP, POP, SMTP, SMB protocols


CCNA CBT: 4-Application layer Part 2

In this CBT, I discussed

HTTP Protocol FTP Protocol Telnet SSH




CCNA CBT: 4 – Application layer Part 1

In this CBT, I discussed -

What is Application Layer  Application and services  Client server model  Peer to Peer Model  Application Layer Protocols

In this session I discussed only DNS Protocol

- What is DNS

- How DNS works